See Flowers In Hell is a body of work that is an expression of time. But its longing is to understand beyond it.

Before a mobile had a camera I’d find myself walking around town, riding the bus or train writing thoughts onto scraps of paper. Then, when the phone had a camera, I began taking pictures. Neither had any objective other than a need to capture sight or words to make sense of things. The camera roll would be full of crap and my notes too. At times, it was the choreography of a string of words that resonated. Or the sight of a person walking ahead, their arms appearing to be in conflict with the rest of them. Other times, I’d stumble across or overhear something that brought light into the muddle. But for the most part, things just needed time.

See Flowers In Hell was created in a similar way. We had gone back into lockdown in the U.K at the end 2020 and I had been thinking about this longing to make sense of things and how it is always caught up in time. Each of us, a point of reference under the sun with our own shadow of the past and future. Things gather, connect, break, blossom, wither and occasionally lead to glimpses of understanding. A moment of being totally present in truth. So brief that if you question it, you are again caught up in time.

One night, I googled Time and came across an article written about Albert Einstein by Philosopher Rudolf Carnap in which he wrote:

“Einstein said the problem of the Now worried him seriously. He explained that the experience of the Now means something special for man, something essentially different from the past and the future, but that this important difference does not and cannot occur within physics. That this experience cannot be grasped by science seemed to him a matter of painful but inevitable resignation. So he concluded ‘that there is something essential about the Now which is just outside the realm of science.”

Or perhaps the Now is outside of time? Like the sensation of eyes touching and what we are seeing touching right back. In an instant. No distance, just an immediate sense that has never needed thought, time or even eyes to be understood.

– – – –

Please find below

32 photographs – Taken on walks around where I live & of the body.  A couple of photographs of the body were failed attempts I had already taken before the project. But then started altering them to reimagine meaning. 

Some photographs are painted over with archival pigment inks, black spray paint or markers. Please note, each edition will vary slightly in results.

8 Poems – The poems are my inner dialogue extracting fragments of thought, memories & emotions to find meaning. 

They are displayed here as monotypes & hand typed. 

For further information and sizes, please get in touch

A couple more are to follow X