Melissa Spiccia | MELISSA SPICCIA

Artist Statement

I have a deep interest in the detailed physicality and organisation of the body stemming from a career as a contemporary dance artist.

The body has its own voice with a refusal to forget and in my photography I work with it as a malleable and intuitive tool.

I am interested in seeing the body for what it is, a site of exchange not tied to an identity or to a person but as a mass occupying the space, where the boundaries between the body and its inner and outer worlds are porous and constantly shifting.

Often my own form is used to embody certain concepts. However, I do not see myself as performing nor do I see the outcomes and recognise myself in them. There is no audience except for the eye of the camera documenting the body’s organisation as it tries to find different configurations and ways of being.

The possibilities of photography and the spaces it can inhabit makes it an exciting and evolving medium. It alters my relationship with the present, time and my memory of it and can capture and somehow validate something that becomes almost tangible. Allowing my visual and physical perceptions to arrive in a state that feels less impermanent.  

Artist Bio

I began my training as a dancer in Australia and in 1995 was granted a scholarship to finish the Russian ballet syllabus at the Princess Grace Academy in Monaco, prior to starting my career as a professional ballerina. I then went on to perform at a soloist level in Germany for the Chemnitz Ballet for a number of years.  Moving to London in 2003 I enrolled in a BA (hons) degree at the Trinity Laban Centre. After graduating I worked as a Contemporary Dance artist and in late 2015 made the conscious decision to shift into the visual arts and photography.

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